GDPR Privacy Notice for this site

This is a private site and the content is created by Zlatko Duric.

The data collected about site visitors is the data visible in the standard HTTP access logs - this logs the IP address and browser-agent string. This data is not used to identify visitors, and thee data is not shared to third parties.

This log data is used for maintenance and security purposes:

  • to determine whether access to this site is being abused (i.e. via DDoS attack),
  • to troubleshoot broken pages and find potential technical issues,
  • to read the most-visited pages, with GoAccess tool installed locally on the server.

Data is stored in weekly batchees, and stored for the duration of 15 access log rotations - 15 weeks.

I will not remove any data from the logs before it is rotated out. Complaints and questions can be raised by contacting me via the contact page.