Verdaccio and systemd

I’ve just successfully set up Verdaccio on my laptop. I’m writing down the steps so that I can repeat the process on my desktop and on my future machines. Also, it seems to be independant of the actual Node version I use.

Verdaccio is a lightweight personal npm registry copy. Meaning, any time I install something with npm, I will actually look locally to my instance of the registry first. If the thing is there: zap! Fast speed. If I haven’t installed it yet , Verdaccio will fetch the Nodejs package from registry and keep a local copy anyway. All this is mostly useful when testing publishing local packages, and when the actual npmjs registry is unreachable (e.g. their or mine Internets are down.)

So, steps:

1. Install nvm and node

Install nvm and with it, [Node].

2. Install verdaccio globally

npm i -g verdaccio

3. Run it the first time manually.

This creates a config file, $HOME/.config/verdaccio/config.yaml. Adjust if you need to.