How to start implementing a micropub service suite

I want to make this website a micropub website. Meaning, I don’t really want to write manually and git push my site around - I want a semblence of a CMS, while not actually having one.

So the plan is: I create a micropub client (something in which I can write posts in), then I create a micropub server (where I can “save” those posts) and the server actually converts the posts into static pages.


So I’ll need 3 things:

  • micropub client
  • micropub server
  • public-facing statically compiled site.


I want to learn new things with this.

Static site: wintersmith (basically this site, eventually added and adjusted in the workflow). Client: React. Haven’t done anything serious with react anyway, time to learn something new. Server, Nest.js. I’ve been working a lot with Angular lately so Nest should be relatively simple, but it will still be nice to get back to server-side code a bit.

Here goes nothing I guess. Wish me luck, me. J/k, luck won’t make it happen.