I’m Zlatko, primarily a software developer, currently working at msg systems ag, in Munich, Germany. What I do at work is a mix between doing work on various projects implementing frontends with Angular, or teaching others how to do this. You can read up a lot more about my work over at LinkedIn, or my disconnected ramblings at Twitter or Mastodon (see links at the bottom of this page).

I’m also a family person. I have a great wife who’s doing a lot of smart and useful things - teaching English language and teaching teachers how to teach languages, but also learning how do we learn them. She has a doctorate in the interesting field of didactics and she is doing research at home and outside of it. At home, you ask? Yes, we have twin boys and they make for excellent test subjects on how people learn languages.

But I often experiment with them myself, too. I tell them weird stories from the science, science fiction, fantasy maths, philosophy or just two-bit fiction literature and then I wonder at where it takes them.

Sometimes I try to take an interesting photo, and I mostly post these pictures over at Pixelfed.